Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ti Bou Trip with my Class

I took a bus to Ti Bou Farm in Petit Bourg with my class. The kids were really loud on the bus. This is our fifth teacher in our class this year and our first field trip.  At the farm we saw lots of animals like cows, bulls, camels, ducks, ostrich, bunnies, pony, turkey, and pigs. I really liked jumping in the bouncy castles with my class.

Le Football

I play soccer on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning at Raisins Clairs. My friend at soccer is Charles and he is also from my school. There are around 30 kids in our group of U9 and my coach is Fabrice. I can play forward and goalie but defense is my favourite. I played in tournaments at Saint Francois, Moule, Sainte Anne/Ffrench, Morne A L'Eau and Pointe a Pitre.

Le Football

I usually practice with my team on Wednesday afternoon at the stadium at Raisins Clairs, and on Saturday morning on the field at Blonval. We live at Blonval, so it is so close I can even walk there. There are 40 kids in the U11 level at Club Sport. The top 20 kids form the  two travelling teams in my age group. I'm on team 2 with Baptiste, Thery, Mathieu, Abed, N'dy, Reginy, Jordan, John, and Nicholas  We've been to 12 games and 2 tournaments at Pointe A Pitre, 1 game  at Baie -Mahault, 1 tournament at Sainte Anne/Ffrench, 1 game at Moule, 1 game at Les Abymes and lots of games at Saint Francois. Christophe and Romarique are my regular coaches and love to play scrimmage with us at the end of our practice. The best player wins a soda pop either L'Ordinaire or Orangina. Runner-ups can win a piece of gum from our coaches.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Les Saintes

We went on a boat. We started at Saint Francois then stopped at another island Marie Galante, and then we went to Les Saintes. It took two hours.  We did a big walk, up the hill to the Fort Napoleon. It was really hot and tiring. Then we played in the beach at Les Pompieres. I liked going through the water to get to the other little islands at the end of the bay. We had to chase the goats away from our lunch. One goat even climbed on someone's picnic table. We saw whales on our boat ride home. It was cool.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Wednesday is always a holiday from school for Xavier and Quincy.  We often enjoy a morning walk along the beach.
 The kids then settle down to table work taking the opportunity to do some English, Math and other work projects. The afternoon involves football practice/games and some swimming in the pool. Not bad for hump day!

Sainte Rose

During the Christmas break we enjoyed living in a creole community up by Sainte Rose. We were steps from the beach and took advantage of the opportunity to explore nature on the beach. My favourite was a 7km hike along the coast line with all the boys and Stanley. We followed trails across fields, beaches and rocks. Each vista more beautiful than the one before.

Whole days we spent walking then  playing in the waves and the sand at the top of the island Basse Terre. Although this was a holiday we were often had these beaches to ourselves!

Stanley's walk

I used to run with Stanley around our neighbourhood in Blonval. I had mapped out a few 5k runs, however, we always seemed to encounter stray dogs and left yards of noisy animals in our wake. Due to the lack of shoulders on the road, we also had to dip down into ditches with tick-laden tall grasses whenever a car zoomed past. I finally decided to hop in the car and find a few trails a little farther afield. Less than 3 minutes drive I can hop out of the car with Stanley and have the most inspirational, peaceful walk or run here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our cousins

Our cousins came to Guadeloupe. They were at Club Med. I liked playing with them at the pool and on the beach. We ate a big lunch at Club Med and I even got Coke. We took them to the zoo on the other island. We played tag on the playground which is like a big fort in the trees with lots of bridges. I'm surprised that Nuala walked on the tree canopy bridge too. We also went on the glass bottom boat. We could see sea turtles and little sharks. l liked playing with Mabel, especially beyblades. I liked going sailing with Lily and Uncle Max. Thanks Rebecca for taking lots of pictures of us and bringing me pajamas and lots of books. I'm happy our cousins came to visit.

Our Cousins Come To Visit by Odin

Our cousins came to visit. I was happy to play with them. I really liked to play with them at the Club Med beach. We found lots of shells. I loved to swim in the big pool and eat lots of fruit. I liked driving with them in the big blue car. Thanks for coming!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guadeloupe Caterpillar - Sphinx du Frangipanier

In our garden we found three caterpillars on a white blossom tree. This caterpillar has a red head, pinkish feet and a black body with yellow stripes. It is big - about 12cm long. This caterpillar eats a lot of leaves from the frangipani and allamanda tree. In 24 hours it doubles its size. It turns into a large grey moth with big yellow eyes. I was disappointed it won't turn into a butterfly because it is a beautiful caterpillar.

Star Wars Light Saber Spoons

We have ten Star Wars Light Saber Spoons. These spoons are found in cereal boxes like, Frosties, Miel Pops or Coco Pops. So far we have collected blue and red and the blue spoon is R2D2 and the red spoon is Darth Maul. We are still looking for orange and green. The orange one is Annakin Skywalker, and the green one is Yoda. I think the Yoda green one will be my favourite.

The White Car by Odin

 We have a white car. We drive the white car to go shopping. Milo's chair takes up a lot of room in the back of our car. Sometimes Quincy and I have to squish for everyone to fit. I love to sing with the CD and follow along with books in the car. I can sing lots of french songs now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Santa came to my school on bulls!

I had a Christmas Concert at my school. We sang songs and had cake but the best part was Santa.
Santa drove a wagon pulled by two big bulls. They came right into my school yard.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Le Football

I play le football at Guadeloupe. We practice in the stadium at St. Francois which is beside the beach ( plage a raisins clair). The kids on my team are ages 5, 6 and 7. Jose is my coach and our uniform is red and green. We play on Saturday and Wednesday.  I'm a good soccer player. I like to do fast drills and I love to shoot on the net. In practice I sometimes play goalie but in games I like to run the field. I'm good at defense and passing too. I'm excited about my tournament which is at the end of January.

About St. Lucia

I just came back from a lovely trip to spend a holiday.  I stopped at St. Lucia to swim at Coconut Bay. I like to swim at the pool to get drinks. Tom and Jerry is my favourite. I also like to go on water slides and the lazy river. I liked to speak English the most.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas at St Lucia

On the 16th of December we went to St Lucia. First we went to Coconut Bay Resort. It had two water slides, a lazy river, a beach, a buffet, a spa for adults and lots of other good stuff. There were pools, lots of pools. I enjoyed the big sports pool, and the swim up for drinks pool the most. I especially liked eating bacon and Froot Loops for breakfast at the buffet. I had not eaten those for a long time. I also liked playing soccer and running around the slides with the kids camp.  We loved doing water slides and lazy river with all my brothers and my Mom and Dad.  I loved trying drinks at the swim up bar - my favourites were Tom and Jerry, Shirley Temple and Bob the Builder (which was made with Milo - an Australian chocolate drink).

Then we went to Bay Gardens. This hotel only had two pools but fun. There was a spot for me and Quincy to play soccer together. We went on a hike through Pigeon Island.  We saw where the French and English were fighting for the country. We could see far from the top of the hill, and could see our next hotel.
Our final  hotel was the Rex on the beach at Rodney Bay. It had a beach, two pools, and no internet connection not even in the lobby. While swimming in the bay we also got to go tubing. We could see clear across to the lookout point at the top of Pigeon Island . We celebrated Christmas there. We put up lots of decorations and a little tiny tree, and hung up our stockings.  On Christmas Eve we  opened up one present each and sang our holiday songs. Christmas morning we had lots of fun and opened all our Santa presents and then went swimming on the beach. We even skyped with our family from the beach.  We had a big dinner there on Christmas with lots of food choices.

Offline for a Few Weeks... Désolé

Sorry for the not posting in the last few weeks; we have had less than ideal Internet access for quite some time.  When we rented our Guadeloupe house in September, there was one caveat: the house had already been rented for the Christmas holidays.  We took advantage of our homelessness and took a boat down to Saint Lucia (three islands south of Guadeloupe).  We also spent a week on the western side of Guadeloupe - about a 90 minute drive from our home base near the easternmost point.

We're now back at our usual house and you can expect more regular updates :-) 

PS: I fixed some of the videos and added some photos to the last few blog posts.