Saturday, March 3, 2012

Star Wars Light Saber Spoons

We have ten Star Wars Light Saber Spoons. These spoons are found in cereal boxes like, Frosties, Miel Pops or Coco Pops. So far we have collected blue and red and the blue spoon is R2D2 and the red spoon is Darth Maul. We are still looking for orange and green. The orange one is Annakin Skywalker, and the green one is Yoda. I think the Yoda green one will be my favourite.


  1. did you find the orange and green one yet? i will look here in singapore. are there any princess leia spoons?


  2. We did just find the Yoda ones this week. Dad said it must have come in on a new shipment. No Princess ones.
    Now we have 2 green Yoda, 5 red Darth Maul and 5 blue R2D2. I can't wait to open the new box tomorrow!

  3. Hi Quincy, it's Adrian. I love your Star wars spoons. I am just starting to learn all about star wars! Sean and Talen have taught me many new words and characters! Maybe, when you get back we can play Star Wars together! Can't wait.

  4. Hey hello
    I am desperately looking to buy a green Yoda spoon? Would you be intersted in exchanging a green one for a red or blue by any chance? Thanks a bunch
    Claudia (