Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guadeloupe Caterpillar - Sphinx du Frangipanier

In our garden we found three caterpillars on a white blossom tree. This caterpillar has a red head, pinkish feet and a black body with yellow stripes. It is big - about 12cm long. This caterpillar eats a lot of leaves from the frangipani and allamanda tree. In 24 hours it doubles its size. It turns into a large grey moth with big yellow eyes. I was disappointed it won't turn into a butterfly because it is a beautiful caterpillar.


  1. yellow eyes are cool, though. did you take a photo of it? you are so lucky to have a frangipani tree in your garden!! that is my favourite flower. i love its smell. don't you?


  2. Check it out now. I just uploaded the picture. I guess its ok. We have lots of flowers in our yard. Thanks for writing.

  3. that is awesome... and bizarre. :)