Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Les Saintes

We went on a boat. We started at Saint Francois then stopped at another island Marie Galante, and then we went to Les Saintes. It took two hours.  We did a big walk, up the hill to the Fort Napoleon. It was really hot and tiring. Then we played in the beach at Les Pompieres. I liked going through the water to get to the other little islands at the end of the bay. We had to chase the goats away from our lunch. One goat even climbed on someone's picnic table. We saw whales on our boat ride home. It was cool.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Wednesday is always a holiday from school for Xavier and Quincy.  We often enjoy a morning walk along the beach.
 The kids then settle down to table work taking the opportunity to do some English, Math and other work projects. The afternoon involves football practice/games and some swimming in the pool. Not bad for hump day!

Sainte Rose

During the Christmas break we enjoyed living in a creole community up by Sainte Rose. We were steps from the beach and took advantage of the opportunity to explore nature on the beach. My favourite was a 7km hike along the coast line with all the boys and Stanley. We followed trails across fields, beaches and rocks. Each vista more beautiful than the one before.

Whole days we spent walking then  playing in the waves and the sand at the top of the island Basse Terre. Although this was a holiday we were often had these beaches to ourselves!

Stanley's walk

I used to run with Stanley around our neighbourhood in Blonval. I had mapped out a few 5k runs, however, we always seemed to encounter stray dogs and left yards of noisy animals in our wake. Due to the lack of shoulders on the road, we also had to dip down into ditches with tick-laden tall grasses whenever a car zoomed past. I finally decided to hop in the car and find a few trails a little farther afield. Less than 3 minutes drive I can hop out of the car with Stanley and have the most inspirational, peaceful walk or run here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our cousins

Our cousins came to Guadeloupe. They were at Club Med. I liked playing with them at the pool and on the beach. We ate a big lunch at Club Med and I even got Coke. We took them to the zoo on the other island. We played tag on the playground which is like a big fort in the trees with lots of bridges. I'm surprised that Nuala walked on the tree canopy bridge too. We also went on the glass bottom boat. We could see sea turtles and little sharks. l liked playing with Mabel, especially beyblades. I liked going sailing with Lily and Uncle Max. Thanks Rebecca for taking lots of pictures of us and bringing me pajamas and lots of books. I'm happy our cousins came to visit.

Our Cousins Come To Visit by Odin

Our cousins came to visit. I was happy to play with them. I really liked to play with them at the Club Med beach. We found lots of shells. I loved to swim in the big pool and eat lots of fruit. I liked driving with them in the big blue car. Thanks for coming!