Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guadeloupe Caterpillar - Sphinx du Frangipanier

In our garden we found three caterpillars on a white blossom tree. This caterpillar has a red head, pinkish feet and a black body with yellow stripes. It is big - about 12cm long. This caterpillar eats a lot of leaves from the frangipani and allamanda tree. In 24 hours it doubles its size. It turns into a large grey moth with big yellow eyes. I was disappointed it won't turn into a butterfly because it is a beautiful caterpillar.

Star Wars Light Saber Spoons

We have ten Star Wars Light Saber Spoons. These spoons are found in cereal boxes like, Frosties, Miel Pops or Coco Pops. So far we have collected blue and red and the blue spoon is R2D2 and the red spoon is Darth Maul. We are still looking for orange and green. The orange one is Annakin Skywalker, and the green one is Yoda. I think the Yoda green one will be my favourite.

The White Car by Odin

 We have a white car. We drive the white car to go shopping. Milo's chair takes up a lot of room in the back of our car. Sometimes Quincy and I have to squish for everyone to fit. I love to sing with the CD and follow along with books in the car. I can sing lots of french songs now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Santa came to my school on bulls!

I had a Christmas Concert at my school. We sang songs and had cake but the best part was Santa.
Santa drove a wagon pulled by two big bulls. They came right into my school yard.