Sunday, October 30, 2011


In my backyard we had a banana tree.  The person that owns this house cut it down and we had so many bananas - around 70 bananas.  We ate so many bananas and banana milkshakes. I really like banana milkshakes with chocolate. One day I ate five bananas. That is a lot.
The next day I saw a little stem and it grew so fast. Than I saw a leaf and so many other stems. One day Odin, Quincy and I were playing chase hide and go seek. First I found Odin and I got him.  Then it took me a long time to find Quincy but then I found him by the pool. I  got him and then he got a little mad and he kicked the little tree but it still went on growing and now it is bigger than me.  Right now we have about 64 little banana trees growing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pointe des Châteaux

I went walking yesterday at Pointe Des Châteaux. It looks long but it is a short hike up the hill. We also had to walk through a beach. There was a strong current. The waves were so big that they could reach to the end of the beach in a storm.  At the top of the walk there was a cross and we could see forever.

I saw two boats going fast in the water, one blue and one red. The red one is the one we went on to go to La Desirade. I saw candles behind the map and the cross.  There was a great view of where we had just walked and across to the islands. I even saw the place where we went snorkeling before.

Odin Likes to Swiim

This is Odin our first week at the country house with a pool. He was proving to me he could swim across the pool on his own, with no life jacket and no adult.  He succeeded!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Désirade

Sunday was our first family boat trip. We piled on the ferry headed to La Desirade riding through the choppy waters with great speed. Some of us our more sea worthy than others :-)

Peter enjoyed navigating the dirt road through this arid land on our rented 4 x 4. We explored the eastern shore with it's abandoned buildings (very LOST like) and a significant amount of free range goats and chickens.

Here we are at the lookout on top of the island. La Desirade boasts untouched nature, but up here we are surrounded by modern windmills - a green energy source.

This stunning view is from the top of the island. Directly below you can see the beach we are headed to Plage du Souffleur. Again, palm trees shade the peaceful shores. We play in the white sand and swim in the clear warm, waters.

This is a picture of almost six month old Milo enjoying the beach. He's surprisingly sand free in this picture, because while waiting for the camera feature to load, just a few seconds ago, he got knocked down by a wave. All smiles, though, he loves the water too.

The eastern shore is home to the iguanas and crashing waves on a distinctive craggy shore. We stopped to admire the view and seek out the resting and moving iguanas. A full day of sun, sand and water. We loved travelling together and look forward to exploring the other islands in the Guadeloupe archipelago. See Quincy's post - Our Boat Ride to Desirade for related information.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Boat Ride to Desirade

We took a big boat to Desirade and our big boat was red. And in the boat two people puked in my family - My mom and my brother Odin.  Milo screamed his head off. When we were going to Desirade there were very big waves in the ocean.
On the island I liked the view of the iguanas and I saw an iguana that was camouflaging. I saw six iguanas. Two iguanas were grey, and all the rest were green. They were on the grass, and I saw two iguanas on the fence. And when we were going back to our boat we got les floups (freezies) and when we were back on the big boat we got to sit on the top of the boat. There was no puking this time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snorkeling in plage d'Anse à la gourde

I went snorkeling with my Dad at Plage d'Anse à la Gourde on the weekend. The sand was like couscous, and there was a big rock platform with a river running behind it.  On my first day in the ocean I went one way and saw new fish. I was over my head but it was really easy to float in the salt water. Then, we snorkeled the other way. I saw sea urchins, and a weird spiky fish called a Lionfish.  If you touch it, it can make you very sick. There were so many little fish around Mom's feet. Even Odin could see these fish with just his goggles. Then we went home.

The next day we went snorkeling again.  The waves were rougher this time. The first way we went super deep I couldn't even touch. Not even close. We saw big and little fish.  Then we walked down to another part of the beach past the big rocks and the river. We were gliding back and we saw humongous, big sea urchins. We saw the Lionfish again. Then Dad saw this little hole. Then we watched a little eel coming out of it.  It was so cool. Then there were just these big and little fish again. It was fun.

Quincy was digging lots of holes in the sand. Odin was swimming around with his goggles and Milo loved swimming with Mommy. Then we had to go home. It was fun. I can't wait to go back again.

New Food

At dinner time I have to try new things that I don't like. Some things that I don't like are ratatouille and christophine au gratin. I didn't like the taste. Some things that I do like was spaghetti with a white cheese sauce and mashed potatoes.  They have lots of bananas and cereal with chocolate. I especially like to eat baguette.  We get it from the boulangerie every day.  I like mine with jam, or nutella or butter or plain. So that's all about new food here at Guadeloupe. I miss eating grapes, berries, bagels and timbits from Toronto.