Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pointe des Châteaux

I went walking yesterday at Pointe Des Châteaux. It looks long but it is a short hike up the hill. We also had to walk through a beach. There was a strong current. The waves were so big that they could reach to the end of the beach in a storm.  At the top of the walk there was a cross and we could see forever.

I saw two boats going fast in the water, one blue and one red. The red one is the one we went on to go to La Desirade. I saw candles behind the map and the cross.  There was a great view of where we had just walked and across to the islands. I even saw the place where we went snorkeling before.


  1. why were there candles behind the map and the cross? did someone put them there for travelers at night? didn't they melt in the sun?

  2. Yes Amy the candles by the cross melted but not by the map because there was shade. Look at my animal post on the blog press September. My animal post are named Anole, Hermit Crab.
    Thanks for reading

    Love Xavier