Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ti Bou Trip with my Class

I took a bus to Ti Bou Farm in Petit Bourg with my class. The kids were really loud on the bus. This is our fifth teacher in our class this year and our first field trip.  At the farm we saw lots of animals like cows, bulls, camels, ducks, ostrich, bunnies, pony, turkey, and pigs. I really liked jumping in the bouncy castles with my class.

Le Football

I play soccer on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning at Raisins Clairs. My friend at soccer is Charles and he is also from my school. There are around 30 kids in our group of U9 and my coach is Fabrice. I can play forward and goalie but defense is my favourite. I played in tournaments at Saint Francois, Moule, Sainte Anne/Ffrench, Morne A L'Eau and Pointe a Pitre.

Le Football

I usually practice with my team on Wednesday afternoon at the stadium at Raisins Clairs, and on Saturday morning on the field at Blonval. We live at Blonval, so it is so close I can even walk there. There are 40 kids in the U11 level at Club Sport. The top 20 kids form the  two travelling teams in my age group. I'm on team 2 with Baptiste, Thery, Mathieu, Abed, N'dy, Reginy, Jordan, John, and Nicholas  We've been to 12 games and 2 tournaments at Pointe A Pitre, 1 game  at Baie -Mahault, 1 tournament at Sainte Anne/Ffrench, 1 game at Moule, 1 game at Les Abymes and lots of games at Saint Francois. Christophe and Romarique are my regular coaches and love to play scrimmage with us at the end of our practice. The best player wins a soda pop either L'Ordinaire or Orangina. Runner-ups can win a piece of gum from our coaches.