Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Boat Ride to Desirade

We took a big boat to Desirade and our big boat was red. And in the boat two people puked in my family - My mom and my brother Odin.  Milo screamed his head off. When we were going to Desirade there were very big waves in the ocean.
On the island I liked the view of the iguanas and I saw an iguana that was camouflaging. I saw six iguanas. Two iguanas were grey, and all the rest were green. They were on the grass, and I saw two iguanas on the fence. And when we were going back to our boat we got les floups (freezies) and when we were back on the big boat we got to sit on the top of the boat. There was no puking this time.

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  1. Hey! I really like your blog, and I will share it with Harper and Abbey so that they can read all about your adventures. Maybe they will be inspired to write about their lives in China! It sounds like you are having an excellent time (except for the puking)! Keep writing! (Tracey)