Sunday, October 30, 2011


In my backyard we had a banana tree.  The person that owns this house cut it down and we had so many bananas - around 70 bananas.  We ate so many bananas and banana milkshakes. I really like banana milkshakes with chocolate. One day I ate five bananas. That is a lot.
The next day I saw a little stem and it grew so fast. Than I saw a leaf and so many other stems. One day Odin, Quincy and I were playing chase hide and go seek. First I found Odin and I got him.  Then it took me a long time to find Quincy but then I found him by the pool. I  got him and then he got a little mad and he kicked the little tree but it still went on growing and now it is bigger than me.  Right now we have about 64 little banana trees growing.

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  1. the bananas look so fresh! send some over for me! our bananas in the store are still green.