Sunday, January 15, 2012

Le Football

I play le football at Guadeloupe. We practice in the stadium at St. Francois which is beside the beach ( plage a raisins clair). The kids on my team are ages 5, 6 and 7. Jose is my coach and our uniform is red and green. We play on Saturday and Wednesday.  I'm a good soccer player. I like to do fast drills and I love to shoot on the net. In practice I sometimes play goalie but in games I like to run the field. I'm good at defense and passing too. I'm excited about my tournament which is at the end of January.


  1. hey quincy,

    are you getting better at soccer? do you think i could still beat you in a soccer game?
    i haven't been playing soccer here, but i've been practicing badminton. can you play badminton there?

    good luck in your tournament.

    :) Amy

    p.s. did you realize that your uniform's colours are the same as christmas colours?

  2. How did the tournament go? I can only imagine running in that hot sun :)

  3. Thanks Heather. It is crazy hot, and I always get a little sunburned watching them. Organization is not a strong suit and things seem to run on island time. Tournaments usually involve 5-6 hours of hanging out at the field and within that time about four 15 minute games.