Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas at St Lucia

On the 16th of December we went to St Lucia. First we went to Coconut Bay Resort. It had two water slides, a lazy river, a beach, a buffet, a spa for adults and lots of other good stuff. There were pools, lots of pools. I enjoyed the big sports pool, and the swim up for drinks pool the most. I especially liked eating bacon and Froot Loops for breakfast at the buffet. I had not eaten those for a long time. I also liked playing soccer and running around the slides with the kids camp.  We loved doing water slides and lazy river with all my brothers and my Mom and Dad.  I loved trying drinks at the swim up bar - my favourites were Tom and Jerry, Shirley Temple and Bob the Builder (which was made with Milo - an Australian chocolate drink).

Then we went to Bay Gardens. This hotel only had two pools but fun. There was a spot for me and Quincy to play soccer together. We went on a hike through Pigeon Island.  We saw where the French and English were fighting for the country. We could see far from the top of the hill, and could see our next hotel.
Our final  hotel was the Rex on the beach at Rodney Bay. It had a beach, two pools, and no internet connection not even in the lobby. While swimming in the bay we also got to go tubing. We could see clear across to the lookout point at the top of Pigeon Island . We celebrated Christmas there. We put up lots of decorations and a little tiny tree, and hung up our stockings.  On Christmas Eve we  opened up one present each and sang our holiday songs. Christmas morning we had lots of fun and opened all our Santa presents and then went swimming on the beach. We even skyped with our family from the beach.  We had a big dinner there on Christmas with lots of food choices.


  1. wow! sounds like fun!! do you like milo? they have tons of here too. i don't like it so much. xavier - you are growing so fast!!! i don't know if i will recognize you when i see you again.

  2. I am so glad to hear you are all doing well :)