Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Day of School

At my first day of school in Guadeloupe it was very hot. In the classroom it was so hot I could barely work. Class starts at 8 o'clock in the morning, but we get to go home for a long lunch break. I'm in a split class with around 20 kids in grades CM1 and CM2. They made us write so much just for math, like 4 536 923 = 4 x 1000000, 5x 100000, 3 x 10000,   6 x 1000, 9 x 100, 2x 10, + 3. My hand was tired after that.

At recess I met a kid that originally came from Montreal, and has also spent a few years in New York. This is his fourth year in Guadeloupe. There were a lot of Beyblades out at recess.  They just came out here in Guadeloupe and are really popular at my new school.  Almost everyone has them. I should have brought mine from Canada too.

After recess we had lecture silencieux which we also did when I was at  class in TFS too.  Mine was about music people. An artist drew a picture of five musicians. The teacher speaks french clearly and not that fast, I understood most of what he said. I was only at school for the morning today, but  I'm looking forward to going to school all day tomorrow.


  1. Hi Xavier, this is Lily.
    That is cool! What is your new friends name? Is he in the same class as you. Do you go swimming after school ?

  2. Hi Xavier, it's Lily again. I like looking at your photos. I scored a goal in my soccer game today and started taking karate!

  3. Hey Xavier! My classroom is hot too! Its 30 degrees everyday in Singapore and no air conditioning! But, we have about 20 fans on the ceiling. I got a new bike. Which is awesome. Today I went on a bike ride for over an hour... and I saw monkeys! Check out my facebook to see them.
    I miss you soooooooo much. I hope you are having a great time in Guadalupe. I heard you get to eat alot of fruit. Eat some mangoes! They are my favorite!!!