Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Class

I met my new class and my new teacher and I had a snack.  I had a very loud class and a big class.  We were supposed to have 26 children in my class, but today was only 23 children because some kids were away.  My classroom is warm.  I did easy work and fun work at my class. At recess we got to play football. That's what they call soccer.  And that was all about my new class in Guadeloupe.


  1. Hi Quincy,

    it's Adrian. I am in my house in Canada, It is starting to get pretty chilly here. It was so nice to hear about your first few days at school. We miss you and can't wait to see you again! When are you coming home so we can play soccer at TFS?

    My new teacher is Andree. I like her. but I miss Helene. My lunch teacher is Finda. One day on a good day can you come to my house in winter on a Monday? if we cancel school, or if it is on a weekend maybe I can come to Guadalupe!

  2. Hi Quincy
    It's Mabel! I miss you. I scored three games at my soccer game today! Our team is called the green tree hornets and we wear green shirts, socks and shorts. I also started taking karate and love to practice my kicks. Now I'm learning to play guitar. It is hard. I have 26 kids in my class in school and a man teacher. His name is Mark and he is very funny. I'm going to my first sleepover tonight. I'm excited!

  3. Hey Quincy!! Sounds like school is ok? I like the picture of your melted crayons. They call soccer football here too. But its usually too hot to play outside. I have a gecko in my bathroom. Do you know what a gecko is? Do you have them in Guadalupe?
    I miss you sooooooo much. It sounds like you are having a fun time!