Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fast Food

The fast food restaurants in Guadeloupe are McDonald's and KFC.  There are more than six on our island. Some are  in malls, and one is a big restaurant with a playland. I have eaten at five of them. I usually order hamburger and french fries happy meal. It comes with a toy and an apple sauce. The menu is a tiny bit different but mostly the same.

Uncle Max will be happy to know there are three KFCs. I have eaten at one, and it has a big playland. The menu is way different. I usually order chicken wings, and they come in a bucket with chicken fingers. Also at the KFC they have corn on the cob, and a juicy chocolate brownie so Mom can eat there too.

I love both restaurants and love the chance to get there.

1 comment:

  1. is mom more interested in eating the corn on the cob or the juicy chocolate brownie? i bet you like the brownie too, non?

    have you tried making a banana hamburger? since you love hamburgers and have so many bananas.. that might taste good with ketchup?

    can you say hi to odin? i just read his blog but there is no where for me to comment. tell him i like to hear about his adventures too!

    glad you are all working hard at school, eating healthy and having fun!

    miss you :)