Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Cows

In our neighbour's backyard I saw three cows. They are on a leash. We see lots of cows in Guadeloupe, but no milk cows, only meat cows. And they are all on a leash. I've seen cows on the beach, and on the soccer field and beside the road. They are usually eating grass and there is a kind of bird that keeps care of the cows. The bird is white and looks like a crane. This bird stands beside a cow, and sometimes on the cow, and likes to eat bugs. In French he is called a garde boeuf which means take care of meat cow.


  1. quincy, how 'bout drawing us a picture of these cows... are they black and white or brown. are they skinny or well fed?

    miss you! :)

  2. Ha ha, to have a cow as a neighbour :) Does it beat your old neighbour at home? LOL! That is so great for the kids!